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FRCOLOR 2 Sets Parrot Stand Bird Stand Rod Bird Perch Rod Toy Suction Cup Bird Perch Bird Stand for Cockatiels Bird Play Stand Bird Stand Platform Bird Playground Birdcage Wood Stand up

  • Suction cup bird rod toy-- the wood texture is very hard and not easy to damage and break for long- lasting use.
  • Bird stand toy-- recommended for parakeet, parrot, macaw, parrot, pet bird, finch, etc., much funny and interesting.
  • Bird biting stick-- suction cup bird stand plastic parrot perch stand pet bird standing rod bird shower perch bird wood branch stand for parrot parakeet cockatiel lovebirds
  • Parrot perch tree-- with multiple suction cup to fix the bird stand, it can be attached on the smooth surface, like window, wall, door, and so on.
  • Bird branches toy-- these bird stand rods can help exercise your bird, develop coordination, and balance skills.

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